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Good Writing is Like Good Sex

I'm reading "Eight Keys to Making a Good Book Great" in RWR magazine. Would you like to follow along on one of their exercises with me?
"I know you've heard 'write what you know': Write the emotions you know, and they will give authenticity to your writing."Funny, I've just been priding myself in writing what I know.  My current book is about Grand Lake and Tulsa Oklahoma and  about the world of people who grew up in the oil business. And yes, that's my life.  

My dad was a welder, but created components used in oil wells and pipelines. My second husband (stay with me here) was from a pipeliner family. Both he and his father had traveled the world, building pipelines that carried the oil from place to place.

My third (and final) husband is a  Reservoir Engineer.  That's the guy (or gal) who keeps track of how much oil a company has in the ground.  Very complex stuff.  Even I work for a software company that creates software for energy tradi…

Free Romance Novels from Amazon

Just decided to go out there and see what's free. Here's my list:

Restoring Hope (Native American Romance Series Book 1)
by Ruth Ann Nordin

Stuck With You[Kindle Edition]Trish Jensen

Trish Jensen(Author)
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(Author) My Man Pendleton by Elizabeth Bevarly(Kindle Edition - Jun 30, 2011) - Kindle eBook

Skinny Dipping: A Painting

I love to paint, but I haven't done enough painting lately. I painted a picture of our favorite place in the Keys for my husband a couple years ago, and since then, I've been itching to paint something else.  

I am finishing up a novel that takes place at the lake where we hang out in the summer, and I decided to paint a picture from it--just for fun. I've bought the canvas, and a couple new tubes of paint and one new paint brush, to supplement my collection. 

And I've chosen the scene to paint. It's a skinny dipping scene at night.  So. now, where do I start?  I know what my characters look like. I chose people online to model them after.  The couple have been out on a boat that's just like our Chris Craft Sea Skiff, and I have pictures of that. 

So I started by assembling some major components of the scene in Photoshop. I found bodies of the two characters and pasted in their heads. And, of course, the boat is in the background. I have a start to my painting!  P…

Free Stuff for Writers, Oh My!

I wish I could be a member, but I haven't written two books yet...

BUT...I can still enjoy and use their website! Yea Ninc!

They have published on their website a collection of material from workshops at their 2011 Conference.

A Comprehensive Guide to the New World of Publishing can be downloaded as a PDF, and includes:

A Glossary of terms, right there at the beginning, and written in language that doesn’t have you hunting up a dictionary in order to understand the definition.How-to explanations with examples, taking you step-by-step through the e-book process, soup to nuts…or Vision to Sales (I like that second one better…). Solid, easily understood advice from a stellar array of experts, presented in a friendly, non-threatening way.Links everywhere. Not just a vague “see more online,” but “here’s the link to that page.”

I also came across this blog that lists seven free e-books for writers, including books of general advice, getting published, marketing and b…

Fantasy Trip into a New Adventure

I want to walk down the ancient stone steps to the dry river bottom of the Perernales River. I want to drink Margaritas high over Lake Travis. I want to buy brunch and eat it on the picnic tables where I can feel the spray of the Comal River emerging from underground to start it's short three mile journey above ground before it disappears again. I want to stay in a hotel on the RiverWalk in San Antonio and ride the River Ferries. And I want to go when the Bluebonnets are in bloom.
I am trying not to jump ahead. I have a book to finish. I have entered one chapter in a contest and plan to enter it in a couple more this month because I want a diverse set of feedback on my style. And I have submitted the second and third chapters to my RWA group for critique next Saturday. I have almost 50K written, and I'm chugging through the last chapters. They are a little hard...and I have to actually DO MY JOB this week. Next week, I'll be able to write more. Maybe some tonight!! I am dev…

Pining for the Seventies

I was a teenager with a subscription to American Girl magazine in the sixties and early seventies. I had a tiny clothing allowance and a sewing machine. We couldn't wear jeans to school. In fact, if we wore pants, they had to have a matching vest or jacket. 

And I wore Vogue. I learned how to make bound buttonholes and pleats and I could sew in zippers like a champ.  

Today I find myself pining to see one of those old fashion spreads that American Girl carried every fall. The girls were tall and thin, of course. They wore plaid. And they were photographed in foggy British-looking woods.  I really NEED to see what I'm picturing in my mind's eye. I might even need to paint it.

Although I'm usually pretty good at searching Google, I couldn't find what I was really looking for today, but I had fun trying, as you can see from the images below: