Fantasy Trip into a New Adventure

I want to walk down the ancient stone steps to the dry river bottom of the Perernales River. I want to drink Margaritas high over Lake Travis. I want to buy brunch and eat it on the picnic tables where I can feel the spray of the Comal River emerging from underground to start it's short three mile journey above ground before it disappears again. I want to stay in a hotel on the RiverWalk in San Antonio and ride the River Ferries. And I want to go when the Bluebonnets are in bloom.

I am trying not to jump ahead. I have a book to finish. I have entered one chapter in a contest and plan to enter it in a couple more this month because I want a diverse set of feedback on my style. And I have submitted the second and third chapters to my RWA group for critique next Saturday. I have almost 50K written, and I'm chugging through the last chapters. They are a little hard...and I have to actually DO MY JOB this week. Next week, I'll be able to write more. Maybe some tonight!! I am devoted to these characters and committed to finishing their story.

But I'll admit it. I am thinking about the next one. Actually, that story has been around much longer than the one I'm currently finishing. And one step I am taking in that direction is trying to convince my husband to take me on a trip this spring through the area where that story takes place. It's somewhere I only visited once, many years ago, but it's magical. I can imagine sacred rites taking place in that setting. I can imagine the hero's journey through the hills and rivers of Texas Hill Country, and I want to go there so badly. 

So yes, I'm finishing up my current book and staying true to my characters, but I am making plans, and I hope by April, when the Bluebonnets are in bloom, I'm ready for a new adventure.  And how romantic will that be?


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