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Broken Hip in Australia Saga #3

Well, I've waited long enough to write this blog post, haven’t I? 
I've been battling trying to get well from breaking my hip. And it has been a battle. But I don’t want to sound really negative about the Australian medical system because I know so many people have good experiences with it.
It’s just that mine’s not been so great. And I attribute that to two major reasons.
1)I think I was in a really superior medical group back in Oklahoma. I was in a very interconnected medical system based on a very good hospital. 
Actually, it was almost too interconnected at some times. I tried to get away from a specialist and everyone tried to send me back to him. I couldn't get away from him. 
But it had its advantages. Many of them. Any specialist or doctor or clinic I went to had all my records. And they had assistants whose job it was to double check everything on a list. Was I still taking this medication? What was my blood pressure? Why was I coming to see the doctor today?