Free Stuff for Writers, Oh My!

free ebookswish I could be a member, but I haven't written two books yet...

BUT...I can still enjoy and use their website! Yea Ninc!

They have published on their website a collection of material from workshops at their 2011 Conference.

A Comprehensive Guide to the New World of Publishing can be downloaded as a PDF, and includes:

  • Guide to the New World of PublishingA Glossary of terms, right there at the beginning, and written in language that doesn’t have you hunting up a dictionary in order to understand the definition.
  • How-to explanations with examples, taking you step-by-step through the e-book process, soup to nuts…or Vision to Sales (I like that second one better…).
  • Solid, easily understood advice from a stellar array of experts, presented in a friendly, non-threatening way.
  • Links everywhere. Not just a vague “see more online,” but “here’s the link to that page.”

    I also came across this blog that lists seven free e-books for writers, including books of general advice, getting published, marketing and business, and the industry.  Enjoy!!


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