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Leaving my Writers' Group

Update. Shortly after I quit, this club  disbanded. Since I was no longer a member, I don't know the details.

Whew! I am a free woman again, so it's time for me to roar.

My writer's group sent out proposed new bylaws yesterday, essentially saying that not only can any member not discuss anything about the group with outsiders, but that if we express any opinions INSIDE the group that those in charge find offensive, they can throw us out.  

When one member protested, guess what? The club's leaders "accepted" her resignation. Today they get to accept mine. 

These women do not know me well if they think they can tell me what to say. Ask my husband or anyone else who knows me. It's one of the reasons I'm a writer. I believe in the power of communication, spoken and written.

I almost quit the group just a few months after I joined, when I found out that they'd excluded S/S works from their chapter contests. Yeah. That's my gr…

How to Make a Simple Book Trailer

Book trailers are so much fun--to watch and to make. Actually, I haven't made one yet, but I've made trailers for plays and I absolutely love creating YouTube videos of all kinds.  Well, I did just make a trailer for the book I'm completing now, but it won't be the one I really use. It's just a demo. A demo of how to make a book trailer using ONLY PowerPoint.

What you'll need:
PowerPoint 2010 Pictures (legal)Music (legal)Words (Yours)What you'll need to know: Basics of PowerPointInserting imagesFormatting imagesAnimationTransitionsInserting audioAdding timingSaving as movie Here's the simple trailer I created: 

Check out my new Book Trailer tab here to find out more information and see links to tutorials that will help you.

FINALIST!! A Very Good Week!!

FINALIST--Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest

"Thank you for entering the 2012 Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest sponsored by NEORWA. I am thrilled to tell you that your entry Cougars on the Dock was among the top three in your category!"

My first contest!!!

Plus my son was accepted into the program he wanted at college & my stepson passed the bar!!!!

I'm ready to celebrate (but when am I not?!)