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Poem of Dreams

So, poetry has been happening lately. And I haven't known what to do with it. But I've decided poetry is all about voice. Am I right? Anyway, here's my latest. It's about last night.

Struggling with shadows between dream and life As I twisted and turned, tangled in sheets, Pictures spun by like the images in the tornado that spun Dorthy to the Emerald City And each was wrapped in a memory Of touching and smelling and hearing And each cried out as it tumbled by Write! Remember me and write!

Character Profiles as a Marketing Tool: Zane Bowman

Sydney Aaliyah, on her blog, came up with the idea of using Character Profiles as a marketing tool. I like it! Kind of a video character card. OK, since I’m really concentrating on Zane right now… My MC Character Profile:

In the profile, I show Zane Bowman's character. In 15 seconds you learn:

Zane is an All-American guy, at least he thinks of himself that way, and he knows exactly what he wants…until he meets Hadley. He is good with his hands: He builds (and races) high end wooden boats, he sculpts in wood, and he knows just how to touch a woman.His mission is to help Hadley get out of town as quickly as possible while hiding secrets about her mother’s death, but something about the tiny Parisian beauty turns his resolve…and his world…. upside down.
*Imagine these lines delivered by the movie trailer guy voice.

In an action packed promo, they tell who he is, his motivation and his role in the series. They use images and quotes from him that make you instantly like him, relate to…

Query: What do you think?

I entered my query in the contest over at the Mother Write blog. I welcome advice, feedback, comments here or there.
And, while I'm not querying agents yet, I'm getting ready to start soon.

An Agent's Inbox #10 Victoria,

Hadley Barrington has lived in France long enough to know she wants nothing to do with Oklahoma or the old wooden yacht she inherited from her mother. But she does want to know what caused her mother's death. And to sell the boat so she can get back to her life as a successful jewelry designer and free French woman, unfettered by any desire for long term relationships.

Zane wants nothing to do with anyone who is not all-American. His future lies right here on Grand Lake, Oklahoma. And that includes marrying a local girl…when he finds the right one. But his comfortable world dissolves into spicy chaos when his father asks him to take on the mission of making sure the tiny Parisian beauty leave…

GUTGAA Meet and Greet

Where do you write? I write at home, on my boat, and even sometimes (don’t tell my boss) at work
Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see? A magnetic poetry wall with some Haikus and hundreds of words to create more.
Favorite time to write? Anytime I have a few minutes free
Drink of choice while writing? Coffee in the morning. Water and iced tea at other times.
When writing, do you listen to music or do you need complete silence? I like silence when I write--Occasionally vocal-free music. I really should be listening to some Dean Martian and Edith Piaf as I write this one. Both would be in the sound track for the movie....
What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript and where did you find it? Oh so many places. I love wooden boats and Grand Lake. That’s the setting. I actually started out wanting to write about my hero and heroine’s parents and their love affair, back when Grand Lake was really grand, at the peak of the oil boom, b…