Skinny Dipping: A Painting

I love to paint, but I haven't done enough painting lately. I painted a picture of our favorite place in the Keys for my husband a couple years ago, and since then, I've been itching to paint something else.  

I am finishing up a novel that takes place at the lake where we hang out in the summer, and I decided to paint a picture from it--just for fun. I've bought the canvas, and a couple new tubes of paint and one new paint brush, to supplement my collection. 

And I've chosen the scene to paint. It's a skinny dipping scene at night.  So. now, where do I start?  I know what my characters look like. I chose people online to model them after.  The couple have been out on a boat that's just like our Chris Craft Sea Skiff, and I have pictures of that. 

So I started by assembling some major components of the scene in Photoshop. I found bodies of the two characters and pasted in their heads. And, of course, the boat is in the background. I have a start to my painting!  Pretty rough, but a start!  

Stay tuned to see how it turns out!


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