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A Party from a Romance Novel

So . . . once I thought the party I'm giving in January was the party in my book.  Hummm. 

That party is in the Summer at the Lake, so . . . maybe this party will be in another book. In fact, it already is! The book I'm reading.  It's an English book about a party thrown around the theme of Hollywood's Golden Era, all Vintage and stuff. 

Well, mine is kind of like that.

We have a very vintage tree.  I can only go to garage sales when I can sneak them around my hubby, but one of the things I always look for is vintage Christmas decorations.  Then I go to Margos and get a Christopher Radko every year, and shop at Tuesday Morning to find yet more sparkly, opulent (almost as good a word as succulent) ornaments. Oh, and I forgot the after Christmas ornament sales at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware and Dillards. 

When my hubby asked what the theme of the party would be, I said "sprarkly and glittery."  We will have plenty of Champagne and clinking glasses.  I …

About All Those Wine Glasses . . . And Corks . . .

What do I need to do first to get ready for this party?  Well, first I have to get ready for the maids THIS WEEK!  First, I'm going to put my Christmas village on top of my kitchen cabinets, but I have champagne glasses there.  In fact, I have wine glasses everywhere. What does that say about me?  Oh dear . . . I think it means I like to entertain, don't you?

(Oh before I forget--read the coolest tip--to start fires--chimineas in summer and fireplaces in winter--all very romantic--fill a jar with a lid with rubbing alchol and put wine corks in it.  Ready to light a fire? Throw in a wine cork.  But keep that jar away from heat and fire, please)

Back to wine glasses and what to do with them. I think I need a cabinet just for wine glasses. Has anyone ever seen anything like that? I can't put them underneath my cabinets in the kitchen. I have lights there. I already have a glass rack on my Tiki bar (yes--I have a tiki bar), but it's full.

I've been looking out on Amazo…

OK. I've started.

Anyway,  My husband is assigned to have new outside lighting installed.  I just took all the Champagne glasses that are only used during the holiday season down from the top of my kitchen cabinet.  Yuck. They are dirty.  I'm cleaning the junk out of our old German armoire in the dining room and putting Champagne and wine glasses there.

My husband asked me what the theme of the party should be. "Sparkly!" I answered. "Glittery.  People in beautiful clothes wearing diamonds and jewels.  Drinking Champagne."  

"I like the Champagne part." He smiled at me.  

I've been working on a Pandora playlist for a few months.  I seeded it with Sinatra (yes, my 30-year old stepson likes to sit in his old wooden Chris Craft at the lake and listen to Sinatra. It also has lots of Dean Martian.  The father of hero in the book I'm writing is modeled after Dean Martian-her mother after Natalie Wood.

On the top of the cabinet, I'm going to set up my Christmas villag…

This should be a novel . . .

But I can't write it right now.  I'm trying to finish my first novel, and it's going well, but I have a lot of work yet to do on it.  

And now . . .  

The challenge.  Two months from today, I'll have a giant party in my house.  It's a graduation party. My stepson is graduating from Law School.  We'll have all kinds of guests from his fellow law students, to his co-workers from the oil company where he works, to his rag-a-tag party friends that he hangs out with at the lake to his fun and quirky friends from high school. Also, my son who is a freshman in high school in Connecticut will be there, and possibly some of his friends who are in schools scattered around the northeast.  And on our side, who knows, because my husband's and my life are in flux right now.

My husband turned in his resignation at a job he hated on the day he received a retention bonus for staying there five years longer than he planned or wanted to.  And the jobs he's looking at now cou…