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My hip or my house?

What do I write about first? My hip or my house?

I guess I'll get my hip out of the way. If you've read earlier posts of mine, you know I broke my hip on the beach in Australia. At least I was carried off the beach by Australian lifeguards, but the rest of the story hasn't been so pleasant.

I had surgery on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. My hip kept bothering me, and when I first came back to the USA, the first doctor I complained to just seemed to think I wanted him to prescribe me medication. (Actually, I never take anything stronger than Tylenol.) He sent me to physical therapy, but that was hard to keep up when I went to work full-time and didn't seem to be helping much.

Now I have a new, much better doctor and he sent me to see a doctor who x-rayed me and discovered that the ball of my hip is crumbling. Ick. No wonder it hurts. So I have to have a hip replacement. But first, the doctor wants to take out the screws to let the bone fill in the holes a little and g…

Wow! I've come a long way!!

Guess what? I'm home in the USA. I have moved from Australia back home to Oklahoma. I've been back just almost a year now, and have been working so hard that I have not had time to write on my blog or on my book.

We moved home last October and our wonderful house was rented out, so we had to lease a house for a year. That year has been a blur. First, I worked remotely to my company in Australia, then I was hired by a Tulsa company owned by Dell. I still work there, but Dell has sold us to a Silicon Valley equity firm. The sale should/might be complete this month. Then no telling what will happen.

We just had a software release, so I've been working weekends and nights, but now things have slacked off temporarily, which is a very good thing for two reasons.

We are moving back into our wonderful house in time for the holidays.I have to have surgery. Remember that I broke my hip in Australia and they pinned it? Well, the ball of my hip joint is crumbling.and I have to have an a…