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Bananas Foster on the Grill

Have you ever made Bananas Foster? On the grill? It's not hard, and it's awfully impressive. Try it.

Although Chef Chris Brown cooked Bananas Foster for us on his grill in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the recipe was created in New Orleans.  And it’s popular in Key West.
But we like to party like we’re on the Gulf Coast when we're at home in the states!

Even through Bananas Foster was invented in New Orleans, Key West has its own version.

The famous Blue Heaven Restaurant has it’s own recipe. It serves one of the best breakfasts on the island and has a chicken graveyard on the premises, Jimmy Buffet has been known to show up unannounced and play from the Water Tower Stage.

They've changed the recipe a little. They use spiced rum and serve it over a slide of banana bread, topped with homemade vanilla bean ice cream. Yum!

Rice Lovers Rejoice!

We love rice. We love it too much. We have it at least once a week. Especially on clean-out-the fridge stir fry nights. But we need to eat healthy and watch calories--badly.  Imagine my delight when I saw an article on Facebook describing how to prepare rice so it not only has 1/2 the calories, but is more nutritious for the bugs in your belly. 

Bugs in your belly?  More and more research is confirming that the microbes in our gut not only influence our weight but our health. Even our brains. We have more bugs in our bellies than cells in our bodies. We need to make sure we take good care of the little critters.

So the article that I've linked to below explains the science, but it seems, if you add a little coconut oil to your rice water before you cook your rice, and then put the rice in the fridge for 12 hrs, then re-heat it, it not only has fewer than 1/2 the digestible calories, but also feeds the bugs in your belly.

My plan is to cook some rice once a week and put it in the frid…

Queen Victoria loved her crapper.

Queen Victoria loved her crapper. Seriously.  Thomas Crapper invented the first “Water Closets,” as well as the "ballcock," and Prince Albert had one (water closet)  installed for his wife in Osborne House on the Isle of Wright. Victoria so preferred it to chamber pots that she had water closets installed everywhere she spent time. 

Balmoral Castle in Scotland had 14 water closets.

But the question is, what did she use for toilet paper? Toilet paper wasn't invented as we know it until the 1880's, although a Medical roll of paper was evidently around in 1866. 

But Victoria never did take to the roll. Evidently she used individual square paper pieces neatly stacked in attractive wooden holders supplied by Thomas Capper & Co.  Or maybe she had her own queenly fancy crapper paper holders.

And how did I come to discover all this fascinating information about Queen Victoria and her crapper? I’m researching my upcoming book, “Whiskey for Tea: A Tale of Scotland.” My heroine…

The World Through the Lens of My Camera

I've been neglecting my blog. I'm sorry. Know why? I was inspired. I love to photograph the world. Small things, large things. Nature, People, Buildings, The sky. Photography has changed the way I see things. I see small details that many people never notice. 

That's why. I hadn't visited my FineArtAmerica site in, probably since I'm been in Australia, and I went out there the other day and found they were holding $70.00 for me because they didn't know where to send it. I had to link up my paypal account, bla, bla, bla. But, WOW! I made $70.00 off of a photograph I took.

It's a pretty good photograph. It's of the Price Tower One, designed by Wright, located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

I've had the account since 2009 and had only a few pictures out there, but that is changing. I have a vision of the world to share. I not only love photography, but I love Photoshop and this venue gives me the opportunity to make art of my photographs.

I'm in Australi…

A Smorgasbord of Facebook Pages

I have quite a few Facebook Pages. Some are just to store stuff I might need later. Some started out that way and have grown. Some are super popular and some I think have a lot of merit but have never really been discovered. 

So this blog is a list of my Facebook Pages and what they are all about. Some of them might interest you.

My most popular FB Page is named Ocean Souls. 

Ocean Souls is a page for beach bums, mermaids, travelers, and boaters who love the ocean
Next is my author page, Susan Writes.

I am an Oklahoma girl writing my novels in Brisbane, Australia.  My first book is published and available on Amazon. Check out "On the Dock: A Tale of Grand Lake."

Two Okies in Oz is a fun page about Australia. 

I started this page when my husband and I moved here from Oklahoma a year ago.

Magic Christmas is very popular--around Christmas time.

I started it because I spend last Christmas over here on the other side of the world, away from my family, and I usually try so hard to create a…

Costco: A Little Bit of America in Australia

We finally took our first trip to Costco. It opened north of Brisbane shortly after we moved here, almost a year ago. We've always wanted to visit a Costco. Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we're from, doesn't have one, although they are getting one later this year! That Costco coming to Tulsa was one factor that finally got us to the Brisbane store. What we've heard about the crowds and the distance from our home have kept us from visiting before this, but now that we can use our card when we return to Tulsa, the time has come.

Costco wasn't so different from the Sam's Clubs we used to visit, but it was a really fun trip. Almost like a visit back home. We will not renew our Sam's membership when we return. Costco is a much more responsible employer. They pay their employees a living wage and treat them with respect and still make great profits. We feel we need to support a company like that with our dollars.

So here are a few fun observations from our first trip to Co…