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Is This Really Fantasy Today? OH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

"Characters that are not believable can easily annoy readers."

When I saw this sentence in an article I was reading this morning, I realized that annoyance was exactly what I had been feeling last night as I started and quickly discarded about five ebooks.

One, highly recommended, started out very bloody, but I stuck with it. But then, in the middle of the first chapter, the author threw in so many ideas, so many characters, so much stuff that made no sense, that I just wanted to throw the book against. the wall. Can't do that with an ebook, but I did quit reading it. I kind of figured out that the first few pages had been a throwback...I think...but it was way, way too much work for me. And I like complex books. That make sense.

Another started out OK on the first page but by the third, suddenly, hordes of zombies and vampires were overrunning the place. No thanks. 

I mean, I love fantasy and science fiction. But, please. Another one was so gamer that I just had to put it d…