Mexico here we come!

We can't just pack up and take off permanently to Mexico quite yet.  We hope to make that big move next spring.  

We leave Friday morning and fly to Merida, where we are going to meet new friends and explore the city and all of the beach towns. We don't know exactly where we want to live yet, the beach or the city.

The Beach:

We've always wanted to live at the beach. I want to watch the moods of the ocean every day. I NEED to look out on the ocean.  The cons, however are the fact that the ocean takes its tolls on your home and everything in it. Rebar rusts, foundations crumble, books mold, art flakes away. Wild dogs roam the beach and anyone can party or camp our in front on your house. No one owns the beach...a good and bad thing.  We could also roam the beach on foot on in the ATM we hope to buy.  Whee!

Coleman Outfitter 500 - 500cc 4WD Utility Vehicle

The City (Merida):
The cultural capital of the Yucatán peninsula, Mérida is a com…

Buying out British Used Book Stores in Search of Victorian Scotland

I am writing a book set in Victorian Scotland while I am stuck in the middle of the U.S. So I find interesting, relevant books on Amazon. Some I buy on Kindle, some used. I buy very few new. Many of the books I pursue are not available on Kindle because they are so old. Some are not available new. I even bought one that came with dried flowers in it, I guess from a British meadow. I find references to more books and authors.  My husband recently commented that he never thought he'd be an expert on Victorian history, but he's becoming one.

I am working on my second fiction book and, since it is historical, I'm trying to do my research (and loving it!).  But researching Victorian Scotland isn't easy from the middle of the U.S. I am thrilled that the non-fiction writers in Britain have shared their information gleaned from the royal archives and interviewing the families of people who know Queen Victoria and John Brown, two major characters in my story.  

I also watch a lot…

Maybe I'll do Keto

I've lost some weight. About 10 lbs since I quit drinking completely.

Why did I do that? 

Because we are planning to move to Mexico within the next year and our last move almost killed me. I am on a healthy living kick to get strong enough for a BIG move. Now that I am healing from hip replacement, I should soon be able to exercise more and more. Unless I decide on knee surgery too. I might. And I might not.

But my small weight loss has whetted my appetite....for more.  No, I don't really look like Melisandre as an old woman (for Game of Throne fans), but when I look at my 64 year old body in the mirror (my birthday was Saturday), I almost feel like I do.  Actually, I'm pretty hot for 64. A girl at Sprouts this week thought I looked like Stevie Nicks. Well, I am younger than she is, but I'll bet she's spent a lot more money on her face than I have on mine (no plastic surgery here, although if I were rich....)

So...a friend of mine recently showed me photos of her daugh…

Hip surgery over Christmas break

Well, my hip surgery is over. It happened a month and four days ago. The Tuesday before Christmas. I am getting around great now, but it still hurts and I am impatient. I want to be well now. I am tired of hurting.

But I must be positive. I am getting better. It hurt before the surgery and was getting worse. Now it IS GETTING BETTER. I am not going to post my x-rays. They show too much of the private parts of my body, but here I am, getting ready to go into surgery.

Last time I showed you the sewing machine I bought to make curtains. Actually, I have not made curtains at all. We looked for fabric and didn't find any we liked within our budget.

So we moved in without curtains and we kind of like it. We plan to sell our house in about six months. Our walls are freshly painted, so maybe we'll just let the next owners put up curtains.

We drove around our neighborhood at Christmas and most houses here are wide open. We could see the people walking around and everything going on in …

My hip or my house?

What do I write about first? My hip or my house?

I guess I'll get my hip out of the way. If you've read earlier posts of mine, you know I broke my hip on the beach in Australia. At least I was carried off the beach by Australian lifeguards, but the rest of the story hasn't been so pleasant.

I had surgery on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. My hip kept bothering me, and when I first came back to the USA, the first doctor I complained to just seemed to think I wanted him to prescribe me medication. (Actually, I never take anything stronger than Tylenol.) He sent me to physical therapy, but that was hard to keep up when I went to work full-time and didn't seem to be helping much.

Now I have a new, much better doctor and he sent me to see a doctor who x-rayed me and discovered that the ball of my hip is crumbling. Ick. No wonder it hurts. So I have to have a hip replacement. But first, the doctor wants to take out the screws to let the bone fill in the holes a little and g…

Wow! I've come a long way!!

Guess what? I'm home in the USA. I have moved from Australia back home to Oklahoma. I've been back just almost a year now, and have been working so hard that I have not had time to write on my blog or on my book.

We moved home last October and our wonderful house was rented out, so we had to lease a house for a year. That year has been a blur. First, I worked remotely to my company in Australia, then I was hired by a Tulsa company owned by Dell. I still work there, but Dell has sold us to a Silicon Valley equity firm. The sale should/might be complete this month. Then no telling what will happen.

We just had a software release, so I've been working weekends and nights, but now things have slacked off temporarily, which is a very good thing for two reasons.

We are moving back into our wonderful house in time for the holidays.I have to have surgery. Remember that I broke my hip in Australia and they pinned it? Well, the ball of my hip joint is crumbling.and I have to have an a…

Tomato Salad with Green Beans and Basil and Peach, Rhubarb & Ginger Crisp YUM!

Well, it's been another week of late winter in Oz.  We grilled on Saturday night and I tried two great new recipes. 

Here in Queensland we can pretty much grill year round. We knew we were going to Costco on Sunday so we pulled out lots of meat to grill (I'll bring it for lunch all week...the fish, anyway).  So we grilled pork and steak and swordfish and salmon.  I made flat bread on the grill and we had some left-over rice. You know it's much better for you if you let your rice cool and re-heat it. Makes a lot of the carbs unusable by your body. Then I tried my new recipes.

The first was a Tomato Salad with Green Beans and Basil.  My husband always says he likes salads, then doesn't eat them, but he gobbled this one up!  I couldn't find romano beans at our local veggie market, so only used green beans. I only used one lemon and two heirloom tomatoes because only two of us were eating, and I left the cherry tomatoes for another time because I thought I had enough tom…