Why Get a Drone License for the U.S. and Mexico?

In my first blog about drones, I explored some reasons why I want to own a drone and do some photography, for either fun or profit. There are many commercial opportunities as well if you want to go down that path. Drones are in use now in many of the recent natural disaster zones as discussed in

In this blog, I want to explore some reasons why I think it is a good idea to get some training under your belt and to prepare and sit for a sUAV (Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or drone license.

Undoubtedly the most important reason to get an sUAV license is SAFETY!

Can anyone deny the fact that driver training is a good thing before anyone gets into the driver’s seat of a car? We expect drivers we encounter at the next intersection to not only know the rules of the road, but to also obey them. The same thing applies to piloting an airplane, an 18-wheeler or captaining a cruise ship.

But do you need a license for a drone? Some drones are l…

Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas: A trip worth taking

We had a great trip driving over to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, in Bentonville Arkansas.
This museum was founded in 2011 by Alice Walton and the Walton Family Foundation as a nonprofit charitable organization and is free to the public. It does have paid options and I took one of those each time I have visited and enjoyed both of them. 

They sponsor some impressive artists. We just missed a Chihuly exhibit this time. Last time I saw Salvador Dali and Picasso paintings. I mean, I was standing two feet from them! In the foothills of the Ozark mountains in Arkansas.
It’s a little more than a two hour drive over there. Not bad on a pretty day. We had lunch in Bentonville, toured the museum and were home for supper.  They also have a restaurant on premises, but it's only open at certain times, so check their website. 
We drove over on a weekday, and found plenty of parking. When we exited the elevators that took us down to ground level, a giant spider welcomed us!

We toured t…

The Best Ceviche We Found in the Yucatan: La Playa in Chelem

When we visited the Yucatan, we decided to visit a hangout we'd often heard mentioned on the expat forums, but when we finally located it, we discovered that new management was taking over and the building was being remodeled. Alas. We'd missed our chance.
The new manager, however, recommended La Playa in Chelem to us, so we took off in search of this restaurant we'd never heard of.  We found it. It was down a drive lined with old picturesque boats and palm trees. 

The outside was not what we expected, just because we aren't yet used to the real Mexico. But we decided to try it. It was probably originally a motel, and we peered into the empty rooms as we walked past the fishing boat in front of the main building.

Two young Mexican men walked out to greet us and led us into the restaurant.  We were the only customers on that weekday mid afternoon.

We could see through to a table perched right by the ocean and asked to be seated there.  Where the restaurant is located, …

The location of Hemingway's Idaho House in Ketchum is a big secret, but we know where it is!

On our road trip throughout the western U.S., we stopped by Ketchum, Idaho because that's where Papa Hemingway lived the last years of his life and where he died and is buried. We weren't sure what we'd find, but what we did find was that Ketchum is essentially Sun Valley. It's full of "beautiful people," and those people don't really appreciate fans of Hemingway crowding up their ski resort. In fact, no one will tell you where his house is located.


The house sits behind a luxury housing addition out on the road to the slopes and the residents do not want tourists driving through to see the house. The access road is on private property. During Ernest and his widow Mary's lifetimes, the owners allowed them access, but they've revoked it for the public. They want the foundation and the library who administer the house to move it. But the location is so important to understanding Hemingway's life at this time. It faces the…

Day Tripping in Oklahoma: Natural Springs Park (Baby Boomer Moment)

Yes we are preparing to move to Mexico, but we have decided to "Do" Oklahoma while we are still here.  Why not?  We will probably never spend much time here again, and when we do visit, we will be spending time with family and friends, not sightseeing. And we are learning to vlog for when we get to Mexico!

One of the first places we decided to visit is not actually in Oklahoma. It's in Arkansas, and I'll be talking more about Crystal Bridges in a later blog.  But on the way there, I saw the sign for Natural Springs Park and immediately requested (yelled?) for Dan to turn down the next road. I had been there, maybe thirty five years ago or so? I wanted to see it again and I wanted to show it to Dan.

Entering the park costs $5.00 a car and is well worth the price.  You park and walk through a lovely park to get down to the falls. It's not a bad walk at all. Just walk through the entrance way gate and down a wooden walkway.

The sky was blue. The crickets were chirpi…

Why buy a Drone for Traveling?

One of the funniest comedy sketches ever, in my opinion, takes place in the Marx Brothers film “Cocoanuts,” in which the term "viaduct" gets confused with “Why a Duck?”

Some of you are probably asking a similar type of question about why I want to buy a drone for our travels.  
Why a Drone?
Here are several reasons I want to buy a drone: Taking spectacular aerial photographyEngaging in commercial endeavors, including real estate and industrial surveillance Learning a great hobby for someone who never got around to being able to get a private pilot’s license
I have been researching this topic or some time now. Of course, asking the right questions is the first step in research. Here are mine:  How do you learn to fly a drone? How difficult is it? What does it take to become an FAA licensed drone pilot, and is it necessary and worth it?What type of drone should we buy? Is it best to start off with a cheaper drone to learn with, or should we jump in immediately and buy the drone of o…

Vlogging for Baby Boomers

As you probably know, we are preparing to move to Mexico (CANNOT WAIT!).  What we are doing on line right now is part of that preparation.

We are blogging about our life and our preparation to move to Mexico. We are both partially retired and trying to get our ducks in a row. We hope to sell our house here and move down in the spring.
We have been trying to find YouTube videos of Mexico for years now and have about run out of ones to watch, which is why we plan to make our own to share with YOU when we get down there. Our plan is to first rent in Merida and then travel around Mexico deciding where we really want to live. We may very well end up in the Merida area, but we want to be SURE before we buy. Plus we can't wait to explore our new country/home. When we buy and get settled we want to travel a little farther afield, especially Cuba and the Caribbean!

But recently, we came upon a treasure trove of Mexican videos: Young people vlogging through Mexico. How had we missed them be…