This should be a novel . . .

But I can't write it right now.  I'm trying to finish my first novel, and it's going well, but I have a lot of work yet to do on it.  

And now . . .  

The challenge.  Two months from today, I'll have a giant party in my house.  It's a graduation party. My stepson is graduating from Law School.  We'll have all kinds of guests from his fellow law students, to his co-workers from the oil company where he works, to his rag-a-tag party friends that he hangs out with at the lake to his fun and quirky friends from high school. Also, my son who is a freshman in high school in Connecticut will be there, and possibly some of his friends who are in schools scattered around the northeast.  And on our side, who knows, because my husband's and my life are in flux right now.

My Living Room and Tree in 2008

My husband turned in his resignation at a job he hated on the day he received a retention bonus for staying there five years longer than he planned or wanted to.  And the jobs he's looking at now could be here in Tulsa, in Houston, or, possibly in Pittsburgh PA.

So, while I'm decorating and hiring wait staff and planning catering, my husband may be living somewhere far away and our house may be for sale.  Or maybe not.

And my job?  I've worked there almost four years, but my company has been acquired by a larger firm. I think I'll probably have a job there until maybe next summer, but who really knows. I've been there before. I know that everything is on the table.

I have three crazy dogs who do their best to destroy our historical home as fast as I try to fix it up.  We need to get some outside lights installed and some concrete poured before then.  

But you know what, I've been looking forward to this party for years. I love to show off my home.  We have a new John Lennon print and Cuban painting to show off.  

This two months should be a novel, but instead I'm going to blog the experience.  Hold on. It's going to be a wild ride!


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