About All Those Wine Glasses . . . And Corks . . .

What do I need to do first to get ready for this party?  Well, first I have to get ready for the maids THIS WEEK!  First, I'm going to put my Christmas village on top of my kitchen cabinets, but I have champagne glasses there.  In fact, I have wine glasses everywhere. What does that say about me?  Oh dear . . . I think it means I like to entertain, don't you?

(Oh before I forget--read the coolest tip--to start fires--chimineas in summer and fireplaces in winter--all very romantic--fill a jar with a lid with rubbing alchol and put wine corks in it.  Ready to light a fire? Throw in a wine cork.  But keep that jar away from heat and fire, please)

Back to wine glasses and what to do with them. I think I need a cabinet just for wine glasses. Has anyone ever seen anything like that? I can't put them underneath my cabinets in the kitchen. I have lights there. I already have a glass rack on my Tiki bar (yes--I have a tiki bar), but it's full.

I've been looking out on Amazon and cannot find something to buy to help solve my wine glass problem.  Does anyone have an idea for me?  And if you do, maybe you could also help me solve my clothing problem (I should live in a closet) and my shoe problem . . . want a dog?


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