A Party from a Romance Novel

So . . . once I thought the party I'm giving in January was the party in my book.  Hummm. 

I love this Radko Ducky ornament.
We stayed in a hotel on Cape

Cod this summer that had rubber duckies
in the pool . . . But it's too much fun

to go into Margos in Utica Square with
hubby to pick out this year's ornament

That party is in the Summer at the Lake, so . . . maybe this party will be in another book. In fact, it already is! The book I'm reading.  It's an English book about a party thrown around the theme of Hollywood's Golden Era, all Vintage and stuff. 

Well, mine is kind of like that.

We have a very vintage tree.  I can only go to garage sales when I can sneak them around my hubby, but one of the things I always look for is vintage Christmas decorations.  Then I go to Margos and get a Christopher Radko every year, and shop at Tuesday Morning to find yet more sparkly, opulent (almost as good a word as succulent) ornaments. Oh, and I forgot the after Christmas ornament sales at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware and Dillards. 

When my hubby asked what the theme of the party would be, I said "sprarkly and glittery."  We will have plenty of Champagne and clinking glasses.  I expect everyone to dress elegant.  We'd thought about having this party at Tulsa's best dinner club, but decided we want to show off our house (and our new art), but it will still be elegant . ..  I hope . . . If I can pull it off the way I want to. . .

I've been working on a playlist on Pandora for months for the party. Here's a link to it:  http://www.pandora.com/?sc=sh591281181343162435&shareImp=true#!/stations/play/591281181343162435

And meantime, my writing . . .  uh . . ..  I worked on starting to put my Christmas village up on top of my kitchen cabinets last night, but today the boss is gone, so while the cat's away, this little mouse will write!


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