Vlogging for Baby Boomers

As you probably know, we are preparing to move to Mexico (CANNOT WAIT!).  What we are doing on line right now is part of that preparation.

We are blogging about our life and our preparation to move to Mexico. We are both partially retired and trying to get our ducks in a row. We hope to sell our house here and move down in the spring.

We have been trying to find YouTube videos of Mexico for years now and have about run out of ones to watch, which is why we plan to make our own to share with YOU when we get down there. Our plan is to first rent in Merida and then travel around Mexico deciding where we really want to live. We may very well end up in the Merida area, but we want to be SURE before we buy. Plus we can't wait to explore our new country/home. When we buy and get settled we want to travel a little farther afield, especially Cuba and the Caribbean!

But recently, we came upon a treasure trove of Mexican videos: Young people vlogging through Mexico. How had we missed them before?  To begin with, we found these two couples and a single guy who traveled through the Yucatan and then went on to Cuba. A treasure trove. And we know other vloggers are traveling down there as well, and we plan to search them out and watch their videos. I will list the three we know so far below so you can enjoy their adventures too.  

But these young people have inspired us.  Watching them has helped us form a better idea of what we want to do...and not do....in our own "vlogs." We've really enjoyed watching these people travel through different cities and experience the food and the locals they meet. None of them have really tried to learn the language because Mexico is only a tiny part of their travel plans and now they are off to other exotic ports (One couple traveled to the Republic of Georgia where my son is in Peace Corps. I LOVED that!). 

We will be looking at Mexico as our new country, not as a vacation. We'll be interested in the medical facilities and permanent housing prices, for instance. We'll try to see what kind of expat communities different locations have. We do not want to live in a Gringo ghetto, but it will be nice to have some friends close by who are experiencing the came cultural changes we are. Plus we'll be looking at the Mexican world through the eyes of Babyboomers, not Millennials. We have certain physical restrictions and, frankly, hope to enjoy a little more comfort and a slower pace that the vloggers we've been watching.

For now, we'll be practicing, as we prepare to move and have a few adventures in our own neck of the woods before we leave it behind.  We need to become more proficient with our cameras and our editing, for instance.

We sat down recently and talked about our plans on camera.

And here are the links to the Mexican playlists of the vloggers we have been following. If you know of any other good ones, please leave us links in the comments. Do you find this kind of thing valuable to you? Thanks!!

By the way, what we do is go to their YouTube homepages, click on Playlists, and find their Mexico playlists to watch. They also go other very cool places, but right now, we are interested in Mexico. The links above lead to those playlists.

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