Low Carb/Keto Capered Chicken Recipe with video

My husband challenged me to make a Yucatanean Meal, then added, "but of course, you can't make it low carb."  Huh. I showed him.

 The recipe I've linked to in this post was the entree. I will also be sharing the other recipes I used in that meal.

All the recipes I used were:

  • Capered Chicken (Pollo Alcaparrado) from Rick Bayless
  • David Sterling's sautéed chaya with smoked bacon: Chayas fritas / Tsajbil chaay
  • Pork Rind Tortillas 1 carb each
  • Achiote-Rubbed Butternut Squash Tacos

This Capered Chicken recipe came from Rick Bayless, and actually needed only one change to make it keto, and that was leaving out the raisins. I made a few changes to use what I had on hand or what was in season, however. And it turned out great!  A very successful dish. I'm sure I'll cook it again.

Rick Bayless is a TV chef and cookbook writer, who has traveled in the Yucatan. We've watched him on YouTube.  

Here is his website: http://www.rickbayless.com/

And here is the link to the recipe for Capered Chicken: http://www.rickbayless.com/recipe/capered-chicken/

And finally, here's a link to the video I made about cooking low carb Capered Chicken:  https://youtu.be/WqNsOT8-5i4

Happy Eating!!!

Here are some of Rick's cookbooks:
(with links to where you can purchase them)

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