Rice Lovers Rejoice!

We love rice. We love it too much. We have it at least once a week. Especially on clean-out-the fridge stir fry nights. But we need to eat healthy and watch calories--badly.  Imagine my delight when I saw an article on Facebook describing how to prepare rice so it not only has 1/2 the calories, but is more nutritious for the bugs in your belly. 

Bugs in your belly?  More and more research is confirming that the microbes in our gut not only influence our weight but our health. Even our brains. We have more bugs in our bellies than cells in our bodies. We need to make sure we take good care of the little critters.

So the article that I've linked to below explains the science, but it seems, if you add a little coconut oil to your rice water before you cook your rice, and then put the rice in the fridge for 12 hrs, then re-heat it, it not only has fewer than 1/2 the digestible calories, but also feeds the bugs in your belly.

My plan is to cook some rice once a week and put it in the fridge. Reheated rice is still pretty good. I really don't think I'll have complaints. I'll add a little chicken broth when I reheat and both my family and the bugs in our bellies will be happy.

This Cooking Trick Cuts Rice Calories in Half


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