A Smorgasbord of Facebook Pages

I have quite a few Facebook Pages. Some are just to store stuff I might need later. Some started out that way and have grown. Some are super popular and some I think have a lot of merit but have never really been discovered. 

So this blog is a list of my Facebook Pages and what they are all about. Some of them might interest you.


My most popular FB Page is named Ocean Souls. 

Ocean Souls is a page for beach bums, mermaids, travelers, and boaters who love the ocean

Next is my author page, Susan Writes.

I am an Oklahoma girl writing my novels in Brisbane, Australia.  My first book is published and available on Amazon. Check out "On the Dock: A Tale of Grand Lake." 


Two Okies in Oz is a fun page about Australia. 

I started this page when my husband and I moved here from Oklahoma a year ago.


Magic Christmas is very popular--around Christmas time. 

I started it because I spend last Christmas over here on the other side of the world, away from my family, and I usually try so hard to create a magical Christmas at home. I'm told I succeed. In fact, the family got together and reproduced our family Christmas as closely as they could this year, but told me they expect me to be there to do it for them next year. I will be.


Two of my favorite pages were created recently. They are both repositories of information for the book I have just started.

The first is Whiskey for Tea: A Tale of Scotland. 

That's the name of my future book. This page is mostly about Scotland. I'm learning all I can about it, and what a beautiful place it is. I also post lots of pictures of guys in kilts.

Next is Cassandra: Time Traveler in the Victorian World. 

Since my book is set in Scotland during Victorian times and does include Queen Victoria, this page is full of information about Victorian England and the Queen. 

One of my favorite pages is, I fear, under-appreciated. 

"A Dangerous Gal" is for women, especially not exactly young women. Educated, brave, feisty, extremely alive women.  Are you a dangerous gal? 

And then there's Beautiful Living Spaces because I need a place to collect beautiful houses, inside and out, and flowers, inside and out, and entertaining ideas.

I really have fun collecting stuff for this page.


And here are the last two:

I really need to do a lot more with Retro Photography, and I probably will. 

When I get back to the U.S., I'd like to open a little photography studio that specializes in bringing out the beauty of women "of an age," and very romantic photography.

Last but not least is a page I've had for a long time. I made it for myself, Technical Writing an Creative Training.

 I am a technical writer and instructional designer and I often have to research how to do certain things for my work...or my play.  This is where I store lots of tutorials and tips and ideas.  I am a techie. This is my techie page. I'm surprised how many people have found it.


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