The World Through the Lens of My Camera

I've been neglecting my blog. I'm sorry. Know why? I was inspired. I love to photograph the world. Small things, large things. Nature, People, Buildings, The sky. Photography has changed the way I see things. I see small details that many people never notice. 

That's why. I hadn't visited my FineArtAmerica site in, probably since I'm been in Australia, and I went out there the other day and found they were holding $70.00 for me because they didn't know where to send it. I had to link up my paypal account, bla, bla, bla. But, WOW! I made $70.00 off of a photograph I took.

It's a pretty good photograph. It's of the Price Tower One, designed by Wright, located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

I've had the account since 2009 and had only a few pictures out there, but that is changing. I have a vision of the world to share. I not only love photography, but I love Photoshop and this venue gives me the opportunity to make art of my photographs.

I'm in Australia now, and what a beautiful tropical paradise it is. But we'll be returning to the U.S. soon. And I'll be retiring in a few years. I need to build up my online avenues for profit. Both self published books and sites like FineArtAmerica and other places where I can post my art in different formats can create an income stream to supplement savings and social security when I retire by the beach in Mexico. And you KNOW I'll keep adding to my collections from there! 

So now I just have to find ways of publicizing my art and my book. I have almost ten thousand followers on Pinterest and, as you know, several FB pages. I need to work on my personal website. BADLY. 

I need to find ways to advertise art pillows because the price of these pillows is really low, and some of them are SO PRETTY.

So you can follow my travels in marketing and living here. Please consider following my blog so you won't miss out on my pictures and stories.


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