Platform Time!

When I attended my first writers' meeting, I first heard the term, "platform."  At the last writers' meeting I attended (a different group, but more published), I heard a rant about writing (important) vs. platform (not so much).  But...I think that, with my particular skill set, platform building will be one of my strengths, and that I'll really enjoy it!  To start out, I bought, and just received, 'Get Known before the Book Deal' by Christina Katz.  

I was hoping I'd really read the book, but actually, I'm having a hard time putting it down. That says something, as I'm in the middle of 'A Dance of Dragons.'  The first chapter (and maybe all of it) is kind of in the form of a workbook.  I'm taking it seriously.  It's a little outdated. Christina mentions that the Kindle is getting ready to come out and wonders how that will change the industry.  I think, however, that the basics of platform building will be the same, and that, in today's writing/publishing world, it's probably even more important that it was when the book was written.

Her basic thesis is that the writer must figure out who they are, and what they can offer their readers and their editors to make themselves a long-term success.  This book is about the business of writing, not the creative process.  I love the writing, but am also obsessed with the business side, so . . .  here goes!


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