Is Being a Geek Goddess a Platform?

Tis the day before Christmas Eve, and I'm reading chapter Two of Christine Katz' book, 'Get Known Before the Book Deal, which asks you to examine what skills you already have that you can use to market yourself and cultivate a readership.  She asks if you have a following, network, or fan base for, essentially anything.

So, I am going to try to answer than question about myself.  Who am I?

I have a combination of technical and creative skills that set me apart from the crowd. When I was working toward my Ph.D. in technical writing, the department sent me out on many intern jobs because so many of them required more technical skills than any other student had.  I am an early adopter of technology and push the limits of what software can do.  I have strong skills in web design, Microsoft Office products, online documentation and the software used to create online courses for education and business.  I do these things very well.

Example of my online class skills

I am also known as a very good photographer, and I am skilled in Photoshop.  Actually, my first love, before writing, was art, and I still love creating all kinds of art today, from drawing and painting to creating attractive and functional Visio diagrams and PowerPoint slides.  I also really enjoy working with video.  My stepsons call me the YouTube Queen.

Example of my photography
Example of my video expertise 

I am a proven teacher...of technical and business writing.  I was recently asked to give a presentation of using the Internet in the classroom to a group of Oklahoma technical teachers.  I have created online coursework for several companies.

Some other areas of knowledge for me are, Tulsa and Oklahoma history, wooden boats, and what it was like to grow up a farm and work on a ranch. As far as book knowledge, I often read three books at a time, and now I always have a book in my pocket, on my iphone, as well as one by my bed and often one in my purse. I love history and fantasy, and ancient Celtic culture, where these two areas merge.  

So, where do these strengths and areas of expertise lead me as a writer?

I really don't know.  Hopefully, Christina's book will help me discover that.

Gotta go shop now!!!


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