A Week Until Christmas: Ramblings of a Writer

Rush. Rush Rush. So much to do. You know the feeling, don't you?  

Move the wrapping paper upstairs where people can shut the door and wrap in privacy.  My stepsons expect flocking and glitter, so wrapping makes quite a mess.  My hubby says, "I've never noticed that," but I did. The first time I made really fancy packages for them and they ohhed and ahhed. and now they expect it. 

Opps!  The new Persian Rug (my & hubby's mutual Christmas present) comes today.  What haven't we bought yet, and when, except Christmas Eve, will we buy anything that isn't bought by the end of today?  

And then there's the graduation party in January. Electricians coming Monday to restore lights in front that last winter's ice storm took out (finally getting that done) and we want to try to get a new runner on the stairs by the 14th of January. HELP! 

Son's home from college.  He says that he never even really saw any Christmas lights until he got back to Tulsa,  Out in Connecticut, he's only on campus and the surrounding urban area...not around any homes.  And the only kind-of-Christmas tree he saw on campus was nick-named "The Hanukkah Bush."  We got a good giggle out of that, but he's been raised around Christmas lights, and I think he's glad to be home during this season.

Just infused money into his account so he can buy a few Christmas presents, and gas for my car, etc.

And all the time, my book and my characters are living their own lives in some compartment of my brain.  Does Kain have enough personality?  I want to get back in and fix chapter two. I transplanted a scene from later in the book back into Cap. 2 so there'll be more conflict.  And just where is his mother from? I was thinking Viet Nam...She's somewhat exotic.  His dad met her in the war, on the rebound from Hadley's mom dumping him for the rich dude. And she comes from somewhere where people are very entrepreneurial, which they are around Asia, because she helps Kain's dad invest the money they get for their land and become quite wealthy.  Just haven't figured out quite where....  Gotta run!!


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