Wow! I've come a long way!!

Guess what? I'm home in the USA. I have moved from Australia back home to Oklahoma. I've been back just almost a year now, and have been working so hard that I have not had time to write on my blog or on my book.

We moved home last October and our wonderful house was rented out, so we had to lease a house for a year. That year has been a blur. First, I worked remotely to my company in Australia, then I was hired by a Tulsa company owned by Dell. I still work there, but Dell has sold us to a Silicon Valley equity firm. The sale should/might be complete this month. Then no telling what will happen.

We just had a software release, so I've been working weekends and nights, but now things have slacked off temporarily, which is a very good thing for two reasons.

  1. We are moving back into our wonderful house in time for the holidays.
  2. I have to have surgery. Remember that I broke my hip in Australia and they pinned it? Well, the ball of my hip joint is crumbling.and I have to have an artificial joint. I'm becoming a cyborg!!
So I am all excited about living in my house again. I am making draperies. I want to move the hardware in my living and dining room windows up to right below the trim to make the windows look more elegant, and I need to buy a new sewing machine.  I don't want to spend a LOT of money, and I've read that Brother is a good brand if you're not going high-end.

I'm seriously thinking of buying this one:

It's a Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW 70-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with a wide table for $144.00.  It does more than any other sewing machine I've ever had. I like the wide table for sewing my drapes and I may have some other similar projects to work on.

Here are a few pictures of my beautiful home to enjoy.  I have many interesting projects planned and I'll try to do much better at keeping up this blog and showing you what I'm up to!!    P.S. You may hear some ranting and raving about the renters who have been living in my house for almost three years, but the holidays will be glorious!!!




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