Am I Average Enough?

I just finished a book that's supposed to be really good--about werewolves (I'm thinking of writing a fantasy next) and the hero really left me flat, although he had several characteristics similar to the hero I'm writing now. I was already uneasy with him, but when he "thought" that he'd USUALLY be watching extreme sports on TV, bleaaaaa! But that may turn lots of women on...

So, thought I, who will like the heroes I create?  Am I too far from the mainstream in my likes and dislikes?  I require a smart man, somewhat sophisticated and educated.  Smart is Sexy to me. He must open doors for me, at least sometimes, and have similar political leanings. He should NOT spend his weekends in a recliner watching any kind of sport.

I know that my perfect hero really does exist. I am married to my perfect man. But reading some of the "homework" romance books I've assigned to myself, I start to wonder who else will love him as I do.


  1. This blog I read today makes me worry even more about my lack of understanding about what the reader wants. How do I find out? I guess I finish my book and see if anyone likes it...

  2. I've had a similar question--that is, "am I actually the average romance reader?"--pop into my head while reading the comments on posts about things like favorite heroes. The ones that get mentioned the most are not my personal favorites, and some of the choices just confound me. But there ARE romance authors who write heroes (some or all of the time) who are more in line with my tastes, and I'm sure there are other readers like me who prefer a different type of leading man. I say you write the hero you like--your enthusiasm for him, and the perfection of his fit with the heroine, will carry readers into being interested in him. And if someone gives up because your hero was "boring" or something...then they weren't your audience to begin with.

    Best of luck!

  3. Thanks for the comment lilywhitelefevre! I know that I tried to raise my son to be the kind of person who I write about as my hero, so I hope women out there will appreciate that kind of man. I am just starting to create the hero of my next book in my head. In fact, I just realized that the man I thought was my hero--the price figure--is really not...Lots to think about.

  4. You're already reading books in your genre to see what the readers want, which is good. The best piece of advice I can give you in creating a character is make sure he has flaws as well as virtues. If he's the perfect man, that just makes him boring. I'd suggest looking into a little psychology to see how the human mind works. It can go a long way into creating characters.

    Keep writing what you want to, though. Best way of getting you love and enthusiasm into your story.


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