It's that time of year! Stocking stuffers!!!

Everywhere I get my hair cut, my nails done, or to the doctor, the question is, "Are you ready for Christmas?"

So are YOU ready for Christmas?

Myself, I am struggling with stocking stuffers. So,while I am combing online articles and Amazon for the perfect stocking stuffers, I thought I'd just share what I am finding. I know EVERYONE is doing the same thing!!

I have three boys and a girl ( and women) to stuff stocking for this year.

First, I always buy Christmas ornaments and try to find something appropriate for that person that year.  

I bought three of the four online, and here's what I got:

This truck ornament is for someone who just bought a new truck (although not red).

This sailboat toy ornament is for someone who spends much of his summers on his boat (although it isn't a sailboat).

And let's just say that the receiver of this flask ornament is hard to buy for.... 

Then there are the gag gifts.  I bought the same thing for all three guys.  You'll understand.....

Colorful Motion Sensor Toilet Nightlight Toilet Bathroom Human Body Auto Motion Activated Sensor Seat Light Night Lamp 8-Color Changes(Only Activates in Darkness)

Now the girl/woman: I just don't know, but here are some things I'm THINKING about....

She received a very special ring last Christmas.... so maybe...

I happen to know she's restless at night and often goes downstairs in the middle of the night, so maybe.....

Snoozies Womens Sherpa Lined Knit Festive Winter Fleece Slipper Socks

Now these would be great, but I bought them for her one year already. I wish someone would buy these for me (hint, hint)!

Winter Gloves for Women with Touch Screen Fingers Warm Texting Mittens

The only larger gift we've come up with yet is an Amazon Echo for the couple because they enjoy ours when they come over.  We use it for our music and for keeping our shopping lists up to date so we can access them at the store and so much more. So that's what they are getting. Hope it'll give us something to talk about around the tree because we use ours a lot.

All-new Echo (2nd Generation) with improved sound, powered by Dolby, and a new design – Silver Finish

So what do you think?  Have I done OK so far? Do you have any good suggestions to share with the rest of us?   

Hope you all have a merry merry Christmas out there. Now I have to clean house!!

Acknowledgement:  The links above may be affiliate links and I might profit from you buying the products. 

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