Moving is hard: Getting healthy to move to Mexico

We know moving to Mexico is going to be hard.

We have to get our house ready to sell, then sell it.  We have to get rid of a lot of our belongings. We have to pack up the stuff we eventually plan to take down and store it while we rent in Merida and travel Mexico to make sure where we really want to live, then buy a house down there. And then we have to drive to Merida with our dog and live in an AirB&B while we find a house to rent.

But when we leave here for Mexico, that's when the fun part begins. Now is the grind. Working, saving money, fixing our house, and getting healthy so we can do all the fun stuff!

We have some wonderful bikes that we bought six years ago. 

They are Electra Townies, great bikes for tooling around town and staying safe.
  • They are extra safe and made to ride around town.
  • They have an upright seating position that lets you see the world better and plant your feet flat on the ground whenever you want. Just perfect for us old-timers.
We took them to Australia, but never rode them there because where we lived had extreme hills!   I had to be very careful even walking down that drive!! And the roads around our house weren't any better. Many had 45° inclines.

We can’t wait to bring them to the flat Yucatan with us.  In the meantime….we are using them to get healthy for the move!!  Recently, we decided to get them in shape so we could get in shape.

Now we have them fixed up and we just need to make it a habit to get out on them at least three times a week. The weather will be getting cooler. We may have already seen our last 90s day this year.

We had a great ride yesterday and we live in a wonderful neighborhood with many great destinations in riding distance from our house.

So we are building muscles and endurance and hopefully losing some weight. I know the bike is great my my leg because it's exercising it without putting weight on it.  I don't like feeling old, and can't wait to get into shape!

Here's a video we made of getting our bikes into condition and doing a little biking around Tulsa.  Good to watch on a rainy day like today when I can't get out there....

Now, what next?  Organizing files!  Digital and paper. I have to decide on an online storage solution and get my file cabinet organized. Yes, the stuff will have to go back into boxes, but at least it will be ORGANIZED in those boxes.  And I am going through all old external hard drives and organizing all that stuff onto one 2T drive and then putting it online.  HELP!

But I must make myself get up off my butt and ride that bicycle just a little bit each day!

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