From Cubicle Rat to Digital Nomad

What a whirlwind.

I lost my job.  It was inevitable. The company was bought and sold three times in three years. The final company who bought it to keep it rather than to just repackage it to sell to someone else "restructured," and they already had a forty-person communication team in Palo Alto or somewhere, so I was, they determined without even consulting my supervisor, "redundant."

Do I sound bitter?  Eh, not really. I want to become a digital nomad anyway. So I can work from Mexico or wherever. I never want to be a cubicle rat again.

Well, maybe just a little bitter.  I did post this when I was near Palo Alto the other day

A certain company, located in Palo Alto, CA., really pissed me off recently, although they may have actually done me a favor in the long run. Anyway, here I am, one hour away from their corporate headquarters, and my buddy, Dino, insisted on making a very significant gesture in their general direction. I really appreciate that gesture, but the hotel room really stinks now ! 
So why was I near Palo Alto when I live in Oklahoma and plan to move to Mexico? How did I get so far off my planned route?  Two days after the "big news," my husband woke up with a brilliant idea. We've wanted to take a trip out to California to visit my stepson for ages. I didn't want him making the drive without me, so here was our opportunity.

And what a trip it was!  We planned it in four days. We worked out a timetable and made all our hotel reservations. We even made dinner reservations at the Grand Canyon.  The trip took two weeks. We drove approximately  5,000 miles!!  We saw many places that one or both of us had never seen before.

We packed up our trusty BMW X3 with all the goodies we thought we'd need, and it worked out well.

And we packed our dinosaurs, which was a really great idea. I ordered them on Amazon, and they were well worth the price for fun travel photos. They will travel with us from now on. 

Our other great purchase for this trip was a plug in cooler. OK. I'll admit it. We bought it because we wanted cool wine when we got to our hotel rooms at night.  It worked great!  We kept it plugged into the car while we were driving and unplugged it if we turned off the car for any period of time, and plugged it in in the hotel rooms at night. 

And it came in handy for other stuff. In California, where we stayed three days, we bought some supplies and took leftover meat and cheese and tortillas along with us when we left, which came in really handy for a road lunch and even a light dinner when we pulled into Taos really late and didn't want to bother with a restaurant. We just wanted to sleep. And drink chilled wine, of course.  We think this cooler has a bright future, including accompanying us on our drive-down trip to Mexico when we move.

But now we are home and it's time for me to start figuring out how to be a digital nomad.  I have so much to do. 

  • I need to re-brand the novel I already have published. I let my husband convince me it wasn't a romance. It is. And it needs to be labeled as one and look like one.
  • I need to post some of the YouTube videos I made on our trip.
  • I need to find a new home for my online art.
  • I need to finish my new webpage.
  • I need to write this blog more often!!!  (I will write some blog posts about the places we visited on this trip. It was a fascinating ride!)
  • I need to really pay attention to our diet and create some "Fine dining with KETO" videos and post some recipes. 

So here goes!  Cubicle Rat to Digital Nomad.  THAT'S ME!!!!

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