Making the Head of an OOAK Doll

how to sculpt a face 1

Here's the first sculpt a face tutorial.
Cheryl Cole Dimples 2
This is the first one I'm following. Others say to sculpt the face separately from the head. I'm not sure of the difference. Part could be for incorporating separate eyes. Or maybe to use a harder clay for the head and a more translucent clay for the face. Or it could have to do with how the hair is attached. I have a lot to learn!!

I am using this picture for the model for my first doll-the mother. I will emphasize her dimples, slant her eyes more, and give her very big ears. After all, she is an elf.

This link for drawing a woman's face could come in handy for proportions too.

Another tutorial for making a head based on a Styrofoam ball. Warning. It's in Portuguese.

This tutorial starts with a skull to create the head, and beads where the eyes are going to be. Then he creates a face on top of the skull.

I haven't used any of these techniques yet, so i just don't know which is going to work for me.

Once I get this head started, I think this Fairy head tutorial will really help me.


I haven't see anyone talking about putting the head on a stick yet. I wish I knew...

This is a video tutorial of making a man's head, but it does discuss baking a piece of clay on a wire Armature and using that as a start. hummm.  This link is to six consecutive videos on the subject.


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