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I"m not to this point yet.  Way from it.  But when I am, I'm going to need these links, so I'm putting them in my blog for them.  You do know this blog is as much for me to save really cool stuff for myself later as it is to share with you, don't you? 

These links are from the Nelson Literary Agency LLC and describe in detail how to write outstanding pitch paragraphs for query letters.

  1. Pitch Workshop: An Introduction
  2. Pitch Workshop Part 1 - Young Adult
  3. Pitch Workshop Part 2 - Young Adult continued
  4. Pitch Workshop Part 3 - Young Adult continued
  5. Pitch Workshop Part 4 - Literary Fiction
  6. Pitch Workshop Part 5 - Literary Fiction continued
  7. Pitch Workshop Part 6 - Horror
  8. Pitch Workshop Part 7 - Romance
  9. Pitch Workshop Part 8 - Romance continued
  10. Pitch Workshop Part 9 - Romance continued
  11. Pitch Workshop Part 10 - Romantic Suspense
  12. Pitch Workshop Part 11 - Fantasy
They also post original query letters from some of their clients. Each query letter has commentary posted so you can read their thoughts and see why they said yes to each of these submissions:

  1. Original Query letter by Jana DeLeon
  2. Original Query letter by Jamie Ford
  3. Original Query letter by Sarah Rees Brennan
  4. Original Query letter by Hank Phillippi Ryan
  5. Original Query letter by Lisa Shearin
  6. Original Query letter by Shanna Swendson
  7. Original Query letter by Sherry Thomas
Some more of their pointers on submissions can be found at http://www.nelsonagency.com/faq.html


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