Gallery Hopping Last Weekend

First I want to state that I am not an expert in galleries or contemporary art. That's why I'm attending gallery openings and writing about them on this blog. I'm learning so much!

Last weekend I attended two openings.  The first was at the Doran Gallery on Peoria.  MOMENTUM OF COLOR AND FORMA Group Show Featuring Abstract and Non-Objective Artwork.

Multimedia ruled this contemporary show, making up at least half, if not more of the paintings. I was interested to see both gel plate, resin, cold wax and encaustic works, as well as those using fabric and thread and acrylic, and college.   The offerings today are so much different than they were when I was an art student a million years ago, but what fun!

These works by Brad Ellis are made up of encaustic and collage on board. I have to admit that I had to look up "encaustic," but now I'm hooked and must try it. I also really like the surrounding college covered with translucent color. 

When I first saw "Funhouse" by Sarah Sullivan Sherrod from a distance, I thought it was a mounted and framed quilt, but it is much more. Although the base consists of handwoven fabric sewn together, the design is created using what looks like machine embroidery, accented by acrylic paint. Fascinating.

As a Frieda Kahlo groupie, I loved this sculpture.

Sammy Peters' "Isolation: resounding independence," a textured multi-media oil and Mixed Media piece can keep the viewer engrossed for quite a while. It just pulls you into its multiple levels.

"Fly Catcher" by Dennis Johnson was one of my favorites with it's bright, clean colors in an abstract-geometric style.

I'll probably have to go back and visit this show again. It's my self-education program, and learning was never so fun!

The second show I attended was "Amused Bemused," by Tara Booth, held at the TAC Gallery on East Reconciliation Way.

Besides attending the show, just being downtown on First Friday was a treat!

All kinds of vendors, artists, musicians and protestors make First Friday in Tulsa a must-attend event.
The subject of this show is digestion in the female body and her medium is ceramics. This show has been exhibited nationally and internationally. 

So now it's time to don my student hat again and see what Tulsa offers this weekend. Maybe I'll see you there!

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