My First Critique

I am energized and encouraged.  Last Saturday, I submitted the first chapter of my manuscript to my RWI goup critique.  I had worked and reworked and reworked that chapter, but I have more work to do on it. 

Many of my sentences are too long (although stuctured correctly)
I use to many ellipses (But isn't that how people really speak?)
I use to many italics. I need to turn some of my internal thought into desciption, I guess... (there I go)

One of the issues that I'm a little bit uncertain about is my use of a kind of limited POV for my hero.  Is using a kind of limited POV for my hero cheating? Just telling what he's thinking at the moment and leaving out his backstory?  I've seen some of that done in romance.  I think you almost have to do that to build suspense. Knowing exactly WHY the dude is doing, or even thinking, certain things will lessen the suspense. 

But I am encouraged, and I can't wait to get through this chapter one more time before I submit it to my first contest.  Yea me!

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