"Rush Hour" in a Mexican village. LOL.

We love this village and beach....

The Progreso Malecon at night....

This is a ride on the Sea Skiff. Yes! The Sea Skiff!!!

Here's a video I'm really proud of:

And here's one video I've made of Australia. I have many more and will add them later.

This is a trailer I made for my book before I changed the title and cover.

Making book trailers is fun.  On this page, I'll share my ideas and techniques, and post links to other great sites and tutorials.  Have fun!



How to animate objects and text in Powerpoint 2010


How to apply transitions to slides in Powerpoint 2010


Youtube video



Upload to YouTube (Must create Account)


Save your PowerPoint as a movie:


Keeping it legal
Some people think images posted on the web are up for grabs. They aren't, any more than beach towels on the beach. Other people think it's okay to take graphics if you're not making money with them. Nope! You still need permission.
Luckily, lots of generous people do let you use their pictures with no strings attached. Others just ask for credit and a link back in exchange.
 Royalty Free Creative Commons
Creative Commons is a great source for graphics, images, videos and even music, as long as you're willing to follow their terms of use. There's varying levels of Creative Commons licenses, usually indicated by a small graphic and/or two-letter abbreviation beneath the picture on the webpage where it appears:BY: Available with attribution (credit) and a link back to where you found it. All Creative Commons images have this license. Tip: Want to know how to get a caption under a graphic like I did? See my image captions tutorial.ND: "No Derivatives" meaning you can't change, manipulate, or composite the graphic. Use the picture as is!NC: NonCommercial. Sorry, you can't make money on these photos. That means you can't use these photos on pages that make money (like Squidoo), and of course no printing them on t-shirts and mugs for sale on Zazzle or Cafepress.SA: Share Alike. That means you should post your image with the same level of Creative Commons license.
Tip: If you search on Creative, you can limit your search to images licensed for commercial use and/or adaptation/remixing on their top banner. 
You have a camera, don't you, or a phone that takes really great pictures and videos, or friends who take them. Us those images, but make sure you have permission. Or record the sound of that motorcycle or boat. Record your voice or someone else's to use for sound-over. If another  person is in them, have them sign a little contract for you. Something like this: 

Fantastic Source for free, royalty free music. I cannot believe how awesome this site is!
This is a list of Creative Commons licensed audio media.


When you're ready for Challenge...



If you have Windows, you have it. Use it to edit video and put together video and stills and audio.


TechSmith, the makers of Camtasia Studio (one of the best screen recording and video editing tools around) are offering the full version of Version 3.1.3 for free download. It will not run on Vista or Macs, but if you have a computer with XP...
Click here to download Camtasia Studio 3.1.3.
Click here to request a software key to register Camtasia Studio 3.1.3 as a fully licensed version.

Advanced Techniques
How to blur the background of a picture in PowerPoint 2010

Worth the Wait

 I actually chose a later date for my knee replacement surgery so I could attend the last two last weekends' gallery openings, and I'...