Doodle Bug

 Now it all makes sense, and if I'd figured out the logic behind my actions much earlier, maybe I could have convinced my school teachers? Sigh. Probably not....

During  classes in school, I often doodled. I did take notes, but the pages were covered with as many doodles as words. I kept telling my teachers that doodling helped me concentrate on what they were saying, but they never bought my excuses. Would you?

When I was in the business world, I doodled during business meetings. Sure, some of that was to try staying awake, but also it helped me concentrate on the highly technical and intricate engineering problems and their solutions I needed to be able to break down to help users learn how to use the hardware and software we were building.  My bosses and peers may not have been impressed, but, believe me, it was to their benefit that I did doodle.

Recently, since I have had time to pursue my art again, I have been listening to audio books while I paint. I just finished a book about the story of color  and now I'm "reading" one about a group of early 20th Century women artist.

What does all this mean? I think I figured it out. When I doodle during very left-brained meetings, I'm keeping my right brain occupied while I concentrate on all the important stuff.

When I paint, the audio books keep my left brain busy while my right brain paints and creates away. Does that make sense to you? It does to me.

So there teachers and bosses! There is and always was a method to my madness. I just figured out what it was!

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