About Susan

My book is published! It's now called "On the Dock: A Tale of Grand Lake." It's available on Amazon. And....I'm living in Brisbane, Australia!

New, fantastic news!  My upcoming book, Cougars on the Dock, is a finalist in the Contemporary Romance category of NEORWA 2012 CLEVELAND ROCKS ROMANCE CONTEST!
(Happy Dance time!)

I am a very lucky lady. Today I am lucky  because you came to visit, but I'm always lucky because I have four wonderful men in my life, my husband, my son and two stepsons. I also have three loving doggy-children in my family.  I live in a wonderful house in a wonderful neighborhood. And I get to write!!

Last fall, my husband and I vacationed in Cape Cod after delivering my son to his
first year of college at Wesleyan University in Connecticut.  I want to go back!!

Last February, we vacationed in the Keys. We had a house on the beach, surrounded by ten acres of shrub. Privacy! I want to go back!

This fun video tells you how much we love to travel, especially to a beach

Worth the Wait

 I actually chose a later date for my knee replacement surgery so I could attend the last two last weekends' gallery openings, and I'...