I LOVE Crackles!!

First, how do artists paint for hours straight on a painting? I work with quick- drying acrylics, and I am always waiting for something to dry before I can move on to something else, but in interviews with artists,  I hear some say they paint straight through an eight hour day. How? And some even use oils, which takes days if not weeks to dry! So I work on multiple projects at a time, and have time for experiments.

 Today, my experiment was crackle paste. It just arrived today, and I couldn't wait to play. I have a crackled painting as the background for my phone, and I admire it every day. And the project I started today could use a little crackle, but I need to know what I am doing before I actually use it on that project.

The crackle paste I ordered is 

I decided to experiment on a small (5×7) wooden panel. I used a stencil on the top and just smeared it on thick on the bottom.  When I finished  it looked like this.

I  also used a kind of stamp at the bottom. I  couldn't wait to see what it did, so I used the blow dryer on it  and here are some pictures after that.

It'll probably be more cracked by tomorrow.  Then I'll wash it with some thin darker or contrasting paint to emphasize the cracks. I'll add "after" pictures tomorrow.

Have you ever used crackle paste. Do you think you ever would?

I promised to show the painting after applying a wash. I also included a close-up. As you can see, The blue wash does accent the crackling ( and it did crackle more overnight). I will probably push this experiment further later. I'm not exactly sure what I'll do next. Any ideas?

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