How some of my stock Halloween images were used in 2018

I sell stock photography. Since I am a relative newcomer to the trade, I am constantly trying to learn more about who purchases my images and how they are used.

I was curious how some of my Halloween images were used this year, so I performed some reverse Google searches to find out. Actually, I don't sell that many Halloween images. Of course, Halloween is only really a "thing" in the United States, and I sell at least a third of my images outside of the U.S.  And I never find many of the images that I sell. They may end up in print or somewhere that Google can't find them easily or at all.  But I did find these three with a quick search.  

Halloween pictures are fun to capture and I will contine adding a few each year, I am sure.  I think the way these were used is interesting. It helps me understand the market a little.

This picture was resold as a wall mural. I'm glad they bought it, but I can't really see anyone actually using this, can you?

This picture was sold as editorial.  It's of kids trick or treating at my house last year, and was used in a news story in New Jersey. The boys in this group were adorable and happily posed for me.

This is really more of a fall themed picture, taken in my neighborhood.  It is legal to take photos from the road, and they are often accepted by some agencies, especially if they are not the house itself so much as some detail like seasonal decorations.  The company that used it is provides content for other publications to purchase, so it may appear in other newspapers or magazines.

I have taken more Halloween pictures that are not uploaded yet, and I plan to make a swing through the neighborhood when the sun comes out tomorrow before the decorations come down, but I am not in any hurry to upload them.

It's time to concentrate on the Christmas season!  I am already selling some Christmas content. This is my second Christmas season. I hope it's a good one.

If you are intersted in becoming involved in stock photography, this blog post provides some basic information on getting started:

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