First World Traveler

I love to travel.  I am 66 years old, a photographer and a teacher, and I travel as often as I can.

As I am currently planning a trip to the country of Georgia (between Turkey and Russia) and to London, I have a lot of planning (and Amazon shopping) to do. For instance, what do I wear?  That question led me to posting a question about air conditioning in airports in a travel group I follow. When I lived in Australia, our local airport (Brisbane) had un-airconditioned parts. Since I have long layovers, I want to be comfortable, and Europe is having a heat wave right now.

The younger women on the group blasted me.  They thought I was really stupid to ask the question. Hey, I've only been in European airports in the winter before! And they smugly informed me that that was SUCH a first world question. 

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I AM 1st world, and that I'm not going to apologize.  For instance, I broke my hip in Australia. If I had not had modern medicine, I wouldn't be here now. I have a stent in my heart. Same story.  Come to think about it, my son was born cesarean, and if not for modern medicine, neither of us would be here now.  Which I will remember to make clear to him the next time HE tells me my problems are "Soooo first world." Yes. He does that too.

Jon's 26. This trip is to visit the country that has hosted him for his two years in the Peace Corps. I want to share that experience with him as much as I can.  Then I'm bringing him back through London, which is special to me, and HOME!!

I'm really quite brave. My husband isn't even going because he's afraid of having to use a squatty potty. And I will, too, when I spend the night with Jon's host family.  But Jon assures me the Georgia is 2nd world, NOT 3rd world. OK. 

So....I am not staying in hostels like Jon and his friends do, but I am staying in AirBnbs, which work quite well for us. Places with two bedrooms are much cheaper than getting two hotel rooms. And I am packing a lot of stuff to keep me healthy and happy, although I am packing light. I'm going over with one suitcase and bring two back to help him move all his stuff.  

So my plans on this blog are not only to share my experiences on this trip, but to share if all the careful plans and interesting gadgets I purchase work for this old lady. 

Unfortunately my route is not as simple as the one pictured above. I am going through Orlando, Paris, and Athens to arrive in Tbilisi. Jon and I bargain shopped for flights over Skype from opposite sides of the world.  

So follow my travels and let's see how this first world mom makes out. Am I tough enough? I think so!!

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